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3 Must Have Tools when Sealing a Driveway

Posted by michael@textbookpainting.com on Jul 5, 2012 4:20:00 PM

Sealing your driveway is necessary, but can also be very time consuming. After successfuly completing several driveways this summer, I have found that three tools are essential in delivering a quality service to my customers. Whether you do your driveway yourself or have a professional do it, make sure you use these three tools:

Rotating Surface Cleaner

The most important part of sealing your driveway is making sure that it is spotless because even with a coat of sealant on it you can still see obvious stains. The most effective way clean a driveway is to use a pressure washer that has at least 3000 psi of pressure. Pressure washing is effective, but it takes a lot of time to sweep back and forth with a regular pressure washer nozzle. Luckily I've found a tool that cuts the time of pressure washing a driveway in half. It's called a "Rotating Surface Cleaner" and can be found in most hardware stores.

rotating surface cleaner

What this tool does is attach to the end of your pressure washer nozzle and branches the water between two rotating nozzles that face away from each other so that when the water is shot out of the two nozzles it causes them to rotate rapidly. The Rotating Surface Cleaner has bristles around the edges so that it sweeps the loose oil away as it cleans. The reason this attachment cuts down so much time in washing the driveway is because it has a larger spray surface area which lets you spray more of the driveway in less time.

18" Roller

Once the driveway is pressure washed and has had at least 24 hours to dry it is ready to be sealed. Rolling on a driveway is simple but takes a lot of time if you want to get a thick coat. You can roll on a driveay sealant just like you roll paint onto a wall. One tool that can cut down the time it takes to roll on driveway sealant is an 18" roller frame along with an 18" roller cover.

18%22 roller frame

Most of the rollers that you see in use are 12" long. Using a 12" long roller to seal on a driveway doesn't cover a lot of surface area with each stride and can take a very long time. Using an 18" roller can seal more of the driveway with each stride and can cut down up to 50% of your labor.

18" Roller Tray

You must also remember that when using an 18" roller you also have to use a larger roller bin or tray for the roller to fit in. Be careful not to overfill the tray though as you don't want to spill the sealant on the driveway.

18%22 paint tray

Here at Textbook Painting we like to work hard, but we also like to work smart. With these three simple tools, sealing your driveway can be a breeze. We are constantly trying to improve find the most efficient ways to complete our projects so we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on ways to increase efficiency.

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