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Top 5 Tools for Exterior Painting

Posted by michael@textbookpainting.com on Jul 24, 2012 5:59:00 PM

Summer is flying by and painting projects are being completed non stop here in the Midwest. Typically when you are completing an exterior painting project their are certain tools you must have in order to complete the job properly. Here are the top 5 tools you will need when doing an exterior painting project and specifically what product we usually use on each of our crews:

Paint Brush

Exterior paint brush 2.5 inch angle sash by Purdy

Brushes come in all different sizes but typically we use a 2.5 inch angle cut brush. These tend to be a useful size for painting trim such as the wood around a window or the frame of a door. This brush can also be used when staining a deck as well as other projects. It is important to take care of your brush by cleaning after a days worth of work, doing so will ensure that the brush will be able to be used again.

Recommendation: 2.5 inch angle cut by Purdy

Roller Cover and Frame

Exterior painting roller frame and cover is needed for a quality and efficient job.

When painting a larger area such as siding on a house, it is more efficient to use a roller. Using one will let you put more paint on the surface and be sure that the paint is spread evenly. We usually use a 9 inch roller frame outfitted with a 3/8 inch nap. Many other sizes of naps are available for different surfaces but the 3/8 inch can be used on most projects. Make sure you have a bucket with a grate or a roller tray when painting with a roller, this will make it easier to have a consistent amount of paint along the cover.

Recommendation: Sherwin Williams Pro Six Pack for large projects with multiple colors

5-In-1 Tool

Hyde 5-n-1 will help with scraping loose paint from the exterior of your house

These tools are great for a painter to have handy while on the jobsite. As the name implies they can be used for multiple purposes. The flat edge of the 5-In-1 can be used to scrape chipping paint from a surface or as a putty knife. The sides can be used to open paint cans and the handle has a built in hammer to close paint cans.

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