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Interior Painting in Beautiful Bay Village Home

Posted by Michael Murray on Sep 2, 2017 11:30:30 AM

A team of our house painters in Bay Village recently completed a fun project in a beautiful home. The home owners had recently moved in to this home and wanted to add some of their own style to an already gorgeous house. 

The main parts of the project took place in the sitting room and the two half bathrooms. In the sitting room, we white-washed the brick around the fireplace, painted the inside of the built-in bookshelves with a fun aqua color and changed the color on the walls. In one bathroom, we removed old wallpaper, and in the other, we painted over a dated faux finish. 

SittingRoom_small.jpg Fireplace_small.jpg


We also painted the walls in two of the bedrooms. In one of the rooms, we used a really nice pale green color that worked well with the cedar on the walls and the white and pink accents. In the other bedroom, we used a light gray. That room has a red brick wall with white trim, so the neutral gray color helped the brick to stand out. 




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