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Who are the 7 best painting companies in Cleveland?

Posted by Michael Murray on Feb 16, 2017 9:05:49 PM

In my fifteen years in the painting industry I have often wondered and have been asked 'Who are the best painting companies in Cleveland?' I know Textbook Painting is not the best option for everyone and of course there are so many projects both interior painting and exterior painting that we could not come close to painting them all even if we were the best fit. 

There are a lot of great options so I researched online (like anyone would) but I also spoke with people that work for the major paint manufacturers in the area and asked who they would say are the best. 

Why would I publish this list and not even put my own company on it? I would hope that you would spend some time watching our Video Testimonials and reading reviews about us and I was always told not to brag so I won't talk about myself.

Why highlight my competitors? Because I believe these companies honestly try to better the reputation of the painting industry in the Cleveland area by charging fair prices (note: not cheap prices) and by standing behind their work, trying to build a lasting company. If a homeowner does not choose Textbook Painting, then I hope they choose one of these companies so the job is done well and the price is accurate. Companies that offer deep discounted painting services don't raise the industry standards or reputation and often leave homeowners in a tough spot.



The Best Painting Companies in Cleveland:

(Note: I am specifically speaking for residential customers looking to paint their home.)

1. Neubert Painting 

They have a great reputation and a long track record. They offer warranties to back up their work and John Neubert is a fellow St. Edward alumni, so that helps! =)

2. Patton Painting

They service both residential and commercial customers and are based in Westlake. 

3. Toth Painting

Centrally located in Parma, they have a good reputation in the industry.

4. CertaPro Painters

This is a national franchise company and there are two franchises located in the area. The do both commercial and residential work. They mostly use sub-contractors but they are one of the biggest companies in the country so they are obviously doing a lot well.

5. Curb Appeal Painting

Located on the east side of town they seem to be growing and have a clean cut, professional image. 

6. Pinpoint Painting

They were started a few years back by two former Sherwin Williams employees, one of which was our Sherwin Williams Sales Rep at the time. He was always a pleasure to deal with and knowledgeable. It is my understanding that they mostly use sub-contractors but they have been growing since starting and have built a good reputation.

It is not my intention to make this an exhaustive list. Like I mentioned above, there are dozens of great painting companies in the Cleveland area. I know that most home owners prefer to speak with a few other companies besides us when getting painting quotes and these are the companies that I would call if I were in that position. 

As you consider your next project, I hope you would consider getting a quote from us to see if we are the best painting company for you but if not, I would suggest reaching out to one of the companies above.

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