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Ohio State Buckeyes Painted Shed

Posted by michael@textbookpainting.com on Dec 31, 2016 4:42:37 PM

As we gear up for the College Football playoff, you know we are all rooting for the Ohio State Buckeyes! Here is a shed one of our exceptional crews painted last summer to look like the famous OSU football helmet. 

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Home Painting Contractor Completes Variety of Jobs

Posted by megan.anderson on Jul 27, 2015 1:29:04 PM

In Strongsville, OH a family is so confident with Textbook Painting's Services that they have had our crew out three times to work on different projects.

Two years ago, when the family first called Textbook Painting, they wanted the front exterior of their home redone. This year, Textbook Painting contractors were able to help paint the back exterior of the home including the window trim and several awnings. More recently, the owner of the home called us to have their fence and deck stained.

To start the staining project, the fence was power washed clean then left to dry. After the fence was dry it was sprayed with Woodscapes semi-transparent stain from Sherwin Williams. By spraying the fence rather than brush and rolling it the project was able to be completed quicker and more efficiently. Although spraying is a quicker method, the fence still needed to be back brushed to ensure overall coverage. A semi-transparent stain was the customers choice for this fence mainly because it adds color while still allowing the grain of the wood to be seen.

We are thankful to have such loyal customers who can trust us with any project on their house, big or small. If you have a job that needs to be completed do not hesitate to call us by phone (216)503-4480 or click here to set up a free estimate. We are more than willing to do all we can for you and your home!

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Lead Paint Removed by Certified Painting Contractor

Posted by megan.anderson on Jul 23, 2015 11:49:37 AM

Painting a home that has been previously painted with lead paint can be a very risky task. With the dangers of lead, it is best to hire an EPA lead certified painting contractor to do the job. In Brunswick, OH, a crew of certified painters from Textbook Painting carefully followed all EPA lead precautions to remove the paint and repaint what was once a lead covered home.

When repainting a lead house, the existing paint must be completely scraped off before applying the new paint. With this house specifically, the lead paint was removed until the bare wood was exposed. After all of the original paint was removed from the home, the painting contractors were able to apply new paint to the home. The product used in the painting process was one of Sherwin Williams top products, Duration Paint. With Duration being a thick high quality paint that contains a built in primer, only one coat of it was required to fully cover the house and leave it looking great.

If you have a lead painted home that needs to be painted, avoid the dangers of lead exposure and hire Textbook Painting to safely complete the job for you. Click here to set up a free estimate today!

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Painting Contractor Paints Dugouts In Time For First Pitch

Posted by megan.anderson on Jul 22, 2015 4:48:33 PM


Whether your home is a residential house or a baseball stadium, choosing the right painting contractor for the job can be the difference between a home run and a strike out. In baseball, Opening Day is one of the season's biggest events and it is important for any baseball field to be looking its very best when the first game comes around.

As Opening Day approached for the Lake Erie Crushers, a professional baseball team in the Frontier League, their stadium was not quite in its best shape. The dugouts in All Pro Freight Stadium in Avon, OH were chipping, peeling, and in need of some attention. Textbook Painting is a painting contractor that focuses on residential exterior painting, but the crew was excited to take on this unique job. To fix up the dugouts and to get them looking their best, we first power washed, then hand scraped the paint off of the dugouts.

Since people often walk on top of the dugouts, Sherwin Williams Sher-Cryl Dactronics Green Acrylic paint was rolled and hand brushed on to create a moisture resistant, nonslip surface. After the dugouts were washed, scraped, primed, and painted the Lake Erie Crushers were set to start off their season with their dugouts and stadium looking like a grand slam. Check out the Lake Erie Crushers website to purchase tickets and see our work. After the game, contact us for a free estimate so we can help you make your "home field" look it's best.

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Interior Painting: Color Change Makes for Great Improvement

Posted by michael@textbookpainting.com on Jul 18, 2012 9:59:00 PM

It is amazing how much an interior paint job can change the comfort and feel of a home. In Nashville Tennessee, there are new sub divisions being built around every corner. All of these new homes look great on the outside, but are often left with cheap, unappealing contractor paint on the inside. This was the case for Antioch homeowners, Steve and Natae Bugg.

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Solid Deck Stain: Why It Was The Right Choice For This Homeowner

Posted by michael@textbookpainting.com on Jun 21, 2012 9:28:00 PM

Decks are a great place to hang out, cook food on the grill, and spend some relaxing time with family and friends. In Nashville Tennessee, decks have been in frequent use because of the great weather we have had this summer. This was especially the case for Smyrna, Tennessee residents and recent Textbook Painting customers Mr. and Mrs. Feagan.

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Drastic Color Change: 3 Steps to a Great Result

Posted by michael@textbookpainting.com on Jun 20, 2012 3:55:00 PM

The most stressful decision made about the exterior of your home is the color. A color isn’t just there to blend well with your trim or to make the neighbors jealous, but rather to express your personality and to channel what kind of energy you want out of your home. Recently in Nashville, Textbook Painting has been producing drastic color changes to better suit the wants and personalities of our customers. With a drastic color change, there are three very important steps to be taken to ensure a long lasting, well covering, and suitable paint job. I will take you through these steps, and tell you how we went through these with our latest happy customer, Ms. Green.

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